"If I was blind, I would see you."

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Hi, hello, I have NOT ditched this account. I’ve just been busy with work and I’m currently out of town on a mini vacation but I hope to be around later this week!


so, i’m taking a break from my damon icons for the giveaway and i made some elena ones. if anyone was interested in getting some icons after i complete my prize ones, in the style you see below, i’d love some feedback and i’d be happy to make some. (they wont all look the same bc different shots but.)



Also, here, have two Caroline icons I just made.

I have been watching Angel for literally, like four hours straight. I might go nap or take a break or just do anything else, tbh.



          Cue an eye roll. “You don’t need only my visions to fight evil, you know? I know you’ve gotten used to trouble being handed to you on a silver platter, but just go outside and look for it! L.A.’s teeming with creepy crawlies of the demony kind; it could have a hellmouth all of its own and I wouldn’t be surprised.”

          Normally she’d be more than happy to go shopping, but Angel’s plain-as-day ulterior motives are starting to… well, freak her out a bit. "Pfft. Yeah, right. I’d rather not have any sort of vision alone in public; the last time that happened, I got locked up on a psych ward! If I go ‘relax,’ you’re coming with me, big guy.” She crosses her arms and raises her brow, leaving no room for negotiation.

         Angel’s shoulders drops, and he sighed. “I rescued a kitten yesterday and this morning, I caught myself looking at lost dog posters.” The words are weighted, like they should be world shaking. A kitten! Dog posters! It wasn’t like the rest of the gang weren’t itching for some action, too. They just got to go out in, you know, the sun, and do it during the day. Gunn was way on top of every lead they could fine. “I should be happy, right? It’s fine, I’ll just — read some books. Stay in and read. But really, you don’t have to be here, Cordy. Go home, or do whatever you want. The phone isn’t ringing.”

I endure.
E. Lockhart, from We Were Liars (via the-final-sentence)

mostly i try to pretend cordy/connor didn’t happen bUT HIS FEELINGS AFTER LIKE THEY FUCKING RUIN ME???? also, it’s canon that angel has a photographic memory and he can draw really, really well.

things to know about angel (tvd edition): for the first few decades, he was sire bound to darla but his humanity was on. as angelus for the first part of his vampire life, he didn’t need to have it turned off to be vicious. it was only after he began to feel guilt and remorse that he turned it off, also severing his bond to darla. in the following decades, he would earn himself a reputation that reached even the ears of the originals.



                      He reminds her of Stefan, in a weird way.  He’s got a serious case of the hero hair going on,and that’s to say nothing about the sorta-scowl when he first walked through the door.  “Ah, you mean the tapping the vein way,” Caroline nods, “Can’t say I’ve done it that much.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my, uh, lapses, but thankfully they’re sort of few and far between - plus?  I am technically a baby vamp.  Although I’m not as baby as some.”  Her nose wrinkled.  It’d been a long time since she’d been called that.  Hell, she was even learning to hold her own.  Kind of.  “Oh, so kind of an ancient history thing?  Who?  I mean, I know a fair few of the vamps in this town if you’re looking for a catch up.  As for the mojo thing?  We are most definitely out of that this week.  Thank God.  We’ve had uhm—Sort of a weird year.”

            Angel basically invented hero hair, let’s be real. “Hmm, yeah. I mean, I’m less ancient but I haven’t seen them together in over a hundred years and most recently, I had just come to America. Actually, I doubt they stuck around. Elijah, Elijah Mikaelson? He is actually the one who helped me out when I got here. I’m Irish,” he added, to explain exactly where he’d come from, though he no longer had the accent to back it up. Best to blend in, he’d found, and he was rather good at it. Passing for human got easier with practice.
            “Won’t hear me complaining. I’ve got history with all sorts of mojo and I don’t go looking for it unless I have to. I suppose since Elijah probably won’t be around anytime soon, I’ll have to make my way to New Orleans. I really don’t like New Orleans. Too many French. Too many werewolves,” he mused conversationally, before flashing her a grin. “Took me well over a hundred years to get off the vein. Good for you.” Angel sounded sincere, and he was. His life had begun with Darla in blood, and the curse upon him and ended it wifh blood.